Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend update

friday evening when i get home from work we like to play a game called: push every button in dad's car.

then saturday we went to the farmer's market and they had a display of every type of truck a little boy could ever ask for...

took a while to work up the nerve to go see the fire-truck

then he didn't want to get out of the driver's seat

saturday was also a big day for another reason....ari got his "big boy bed" far so good (if you call getting up at 4:00am good)

sunday morning we had brunch at the barnhouse's. this was the best photo i could get of the three older kids.

notice ari's hair? they discovered a new product and let abby try it on ari. amazing! more to come on this in the future i'm sure

then sunday night we took a walk to the neighborhood park.


this weekend i realized i never carry my good camera around with me. so all of these were taken with the cell phone. lesson learned.

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Josh & Sara said...

liking the new blog. the pics have to be easier than logging an entry all the time . . . and now i get to keep up! miss you!